The Bar at Sazzy B

kenosha-sazzy-b-american-cocktailEverything we do at Sazzy B, we like to do very well. Our bar is no exception. We stock the best of the best when it comes to liquor, wine, and beer.

Our whiskey selection includes over 160 varieties of bourbons, whiskeys, and scotches ranging from major production labels to small batch hand crafted spirits, including some extremely aged and/or rare varieties.

When it comes to beer, you will probably be surprised that we have nothing on tap. We prefer to keep an extremely wide range of bottled beer that we continuously update. We carry 45 varieties of malt beverage, most of which are from craft breweries around the country.

We are also extremely proud of our wine list. We sample thousands of wines (not that we’re complaining) to bring our customers the best variety and quality. Our standard list hovers around 45 different wines adjusted to our customers’ tastes and only changing when a particular vintage runs out, or we find something better :)

Let’s be honest though, what good is an out standing selection without someone to prepare it for you and walk you through the items you aren’t familiar with yet? We feel the same way. That’s why we have set the bar (no pun intended) so high regarding our bar staff. It takes an outstanding individual to step behind our red granite bar and we refuse to settle for average. All of our bartenders are selected based on their passion for the craft and the expertise they can bring to the table. After that, they are all trained and constantly educated by our General manager, Riki Tagliapietra, and by their own exploration of the true craft of tending bar.